I will not be ignored!

Everyone wants to have friends. The best places to make friends are social gatherings or at the work place. However, how can you make friends if no one is looking at you; if you are being ignored; if you are invisible? Most people are guilty of the fact that their first judgment about someone is their looks. I’m embarrassed to say that I myself, when having to be in group assignments, or picking partners, always lean towards the more appealing person. Skinnier people, regardless of their actual beauty, are always considered more beautiful than curvy women.

A blog called, The Body Image Project lets individuals submit personal stories which the blog posts on their behalf, anonymously. One particular twenty-one year old says, “I can trace my weight gain to high school – sixteen and at a new school where I ended up a very lonely girl; no one talked to or bothered to learn my name. I became completely sedentary when the depression of being invisible hit.” Depression is so prevalent in high school. Teenagers are so mean to each other.  If you aren’t pretty and popular, you are not considered cool. If you are not cool then no one is going to talk to you. If no one talks to you then you’re an outcast. If you are an outcast then depression, weight gain, and/or psychological illnesses may develop

Which women is more qualified? Body size does not define intelligence.

A forty-five year old says, “…I’ll be somewhere and see how younger and much thinner women get all the attention. They may even be not as attractive, they can have a not-so-pleasant personality even, but if they’re thin, they will always get looked at first – both in social gatherings or on the job.” When it comes to making friends or getting a job offer, the skinnier, more beautiful individual will most likely get the job over the curvier individual. In the business world, it is known that the taller you are and the better you look, the more likely you’ll get the position. How is that fair?

Many people are guilty of judging people by their appearance, myself included. Whether it is at a social gathering or at the business place, we naturally gravitate to the more beautiful people. It has now become our job and responsibility to stop this judgment.  Just because someone is curvier, it doesn’t mean they are less competent or have a lesser personality.




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